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Community Outreach Coordinator

○ Work with a Board member to organize and do fieldwork.

○ Build relationships with small businesses in the target neighborhood.

○ Compile lists of the needs of the community.

○ Work with the Board to find resources to address those needs.

○ Help create a plan to make those accessible.

○ Bilingual skills are a plus.

Media and Marketing Manager


○  Post about events we host.

○ Post about partnerships and resources.

○ Engage with the audience (community members).

○ Maintain the partnership email list. ○ Maintain website

○ Help organize The Community Podcast (down the line).

Grant Writing and Research Coordinator

○ Help identify, define and develop funding sources

○ Work with the Treasurer to lead the development, writing, and submission of grant proposals to federal, state, and private funding agencies.

Community Legal Advocacy Coordinator

○ Work with the Board to organize and Help put-together Legal Clinics.

○ Help community members fill out documents.

○ Work with lawyers at the clinic.

○ Supervise Legal literacy curriculum.

○ Engage community members on basic tenets of legal self-reliance.

○ Bilingual skills are a plus.