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Colectivo de Paz is a non-profit organization based in Colorado with a mission to create communities of action that empower working-class immigrants, refugees, people of color, veterans, unhoused community members, at-risk students, and other historically marginalized peoples and families in the greater Denver area. 



Colectivo de Paz creates communities of action that empower working-class immigrants, refugees, people of color, veterans, unhoused community members, at-risk students, and other historically marginalized peoples and families in the greater Denver area.

The end goal of the organization is to increase their access to resources and services and to liberate these resources and services from systems of exploitation by building power at the grassroots level.


To effectively address the roots of societal inequities that affect American citizens and immigrants alike.

We believe in making changes to societal injustices that minority communities face in their everyday lives has to start from the root cause.

 Board of Directors 

Hridith Sudev | President

Hridith Sudev is a public-health scientist, writer, poet and community organizer. Born in India, and raised in Oman, Sudev migrated to the United States in 2018 to pursue higher education in Denver, where he has lived ever since. A Masters in Public Health scholar at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and a Masters in Social Work scholar at the University of Denver, Sudev has worked to expand healthcare access to historically marginalized communities and create governments of action that fight for working-class interests in both governmental and non-governmental capacities. His passion for community work began in 2012 when he founded Project Greenworld International, a children’s environmental action group in his hometown in Oman. Over the years, his activism has expanded to the frontlines of immigrant and refugee rights agitation, community building, racial justice movements, student organizing, and labor organizing. 

Methusella Rwabose | Vice-President

Methusella Rwabose was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and moved to the United States in 2015. He is a political science and leadership studies scholar at the University of Denver. Methusella has a passion for helping and serving others, which is why he is studying politics; he aspires to impact his community by advocating for better policies that will uplift and inspire others to take bold action to improve our communities. While in school, he worked as an intern for Sen. John Hickenlooper, Congressman Joe Neguse, and Representative Leslie Herod. In addition, he served in the Undergraduate Student Government for two years connecting students to resources and improving students’ experience on campus.

Clare Nicholson | General Treasurer

Hailing from Northern California, Clare Nicholson is a student of environmental science, public policy, and leadership studies at the University of Denver. Clare has been socially active since childhood, volunteering with numerous nonprofits throughout her life. She began organizing politically with other students during high school, and after high school, she took a gap year during which time she lived in the Barahona Province of the Dominican Republic and worked as a teacher through British nonprofit COPA. Through Clare’s experiences in the leadership studies minor program at DU since, she has only continued to become more involved with a number of causes, most recently acting as a mentor for the Youth Sustainability Board, a local nonprofit founded by a DU alum to engage and educate middle- and high-school students in sustainable action. She oversaw the financial management team’s grant writing process and helped connect the team to grant opportunities, and experience which paved the way for Clare’s involvement in the founding of Colectivo de Paz.

Julian Temianka | Director of Outreach and Advancement

Julian Temianka studied Public Policy and Sociology at the University of Denver and is a Fellow of the Daniels Ethics Fund. Julian grew up in mid-city Los Angeles, California, and has been politically involved since a young age volunteering at local shelters and voting booths. From the age of 20-23 Julian has led canvassing efforts for local and international non-profits, worked for the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and worked to create a transparent ethical food systems. He hopes to engage in expanding public transportation and material resources for the American working class.

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